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Mindfulness Retreats in Dumfries and Galloway

Wellbeing Mindfulness Creative Lanark South Lanarkshire


Yoga & Meditation Sessions

From exhilerating and energy boosting to calming relaxation

Wellbeing Mindfulness Creative Lanark South Lanarkshire


Creative Writing Retreats

Tutored and untutored

Wellbeing Mindfulness Creative Lanark South Lanarkshire


Hollistic Therapy Workshops & Treatments

Including Massage, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Indian Head Massage

Wellbeing Mindfulness Creative Lanark South Lanarkshire


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Painting, drawing and arts & crafts tutored workshops

Wellbeing Mindfulness Creative Lanark South Lanarkshire


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Retreat Tutors in Dumfries and Galloway

Artistic, Creative Writing and Mindfulness Retreats and Workshops All Around the UK

Peace Lily Retreats focus on mindfulness, wellbeing and, above all, peace. Through exploring our creativity and our suppressed, child-like nature, we can unlock and re-embrace a different version of ourselves. With the help of our retreat tutors in Dumfries and Galloway and at all of our retreats around the UK, you’ll be able to explore different aspects of your whole self. Meditate, create and relax – the choice is yours. Thanks to the expertise available at our artistic, creative mindfulness retreats in Dumfries and Galloway and around the UK, you can get in touch with that child-like sense of wonder at life once more.


The Perfect Blend of Health, Wellbeing and Relaxation

Take advantage of years of expertise on one of our retreats, by booking your place today. Book now! For more information, call us on 07834 529 187 or email info@peacelilyretreats.com to learn more about our retreats and how they can help you.



Meet Your Retreat Tutors

Mindfulness Tutors


mindfulness retreat in Dumfries and Galloway  Margaret Lilley

Margaret Lilley is the Founder of Peace Lily, Retreat Coordinator and Host, she is also a Mindfulness Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. Margaret operates retreats and workshops featuring the very best retreat tutors, throughout the UK.



Mindfulness Retreats & Workshops


Artistic Tutors


Jim Duncan profile photo   Jim Duncan

Jim Duncan is a talented Musician, Singer/Songwriter and Mural Painter. He will be our song writing tutor and will work on a 1-2-1 basis with the retreat participants. Together you will insert your life stories into a song, which you will then put to music, as part of a very enjoyable and therapeutic process.



Susan McMillan profile photo   Susan McMillan

Susan McMillan trained in Glasgow, graduating with a degree in Contemporary Art Practice. Susan lives in South Lanarkshire where she regularly exhibits and holds workshops. Susan will be teaching on our drawing and painting and arts and crafts retreats.



John Threlfall profile photo  John Threlfall

John Threlfall is a very talented Wildlife, Landscape, Portrait Artist and Writer who is a member of The Society of Wildlife Artists and was awarded Bird Artist of the Year 2007. John has a special interest in the Mindfulness of Drawing/Art of Seeing.



Art Retreats & Workshops


Writing Tutors


Kristen Rees profile photo  Kirsten Rees

Kirsten Rees is a Professional Book Editor and Author Coach. She is also a novelist and writer of non-fiction and runs online courses. Kirsten will be our Creative Writing tutor.



Lynsey Hanney profile photo  Lynsey Hanney

Lynsey Hanney practices Crystal Healing and Reiki. Lynsey is also a professional writer.


Writing Retreats & Workshops


Holistic Tutors


Maxine Lewis profile photo  Maxine Lewis

Maxine Lewis is a Holistic Therapist, offering a range of treatments to bring the body into balance. She will help you attain a unique level of health and wellbeing through exercised that include Soul Transformation Therapy, Transformational Coaching and Emotional Release and Relaxation.


Hazel Watson profile photo  Hazel Watson

Hazel Watson is a Holistic Therapist. Her work includes Holistic Massage Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Aromatouch Technique, Indian Face Massage and Reiki. Hazel also has her own private label of skincare range.


Joanfrances Boyle profile photo  Joanfrances Boyle

Joanfrances Boyle is an Internationational Psychic medium who teaches in many modalities. Joanfrances will teach our Reiki courses. 



Elizabeth Anne Holmes profile photo  Elizabeth Anne Holmes

Elizabeth Anne Holmes is a Yoga Teacher for adults and children and massage therapist, and Events Organizer for charity Blood Cancer UK.


Holistic Retreats & Workshops



Expert Coaching and Tuition, Releasing the You Within

Don’t miss out on guidance, coaching and tuition from these field experts that can help you unlock your creativity and use it to heal, grow and become more mindful. Book now to make the most of our retreat tutors, in Dumfries and Galloway and at other retreats and workshops around the UK.

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